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As one of the leading European manufacturers of Jewellery Chains, Schofer stands for highest quality, creative design and reliable service.

A family company backed by a wealth of experience.
A guarantee for the highest quality, creative design and reliable multi-lingual service. All around the world discerning customers trust in Schofer chains MADE IN GERMANY.

A premium manufacturer for premium products.
Whether gold, platinum, silver, titanium, brass, stainless steel or alternative materials - Schofer supplies chains in every conceivable material. It also produces chains by the meter for the processing industry. Together with brand manufacturers all around the world Schofer develops exclusive OEM chain patterns.

Going global - Schofer worldwide.
With an export share of more than 95%, Schofer is represented on all international markets and is present at the main jewellery trade fairs in the world. Schofer Germany - THE CHAIN COMPANY is unique thanks to its innovative designs and competitive prices and today is one of the leading European manufacturers of jewellery chains.

At the Pforzheim location around 100 employees manufacture the innovative Schofer products. A synergy of fully automated production and traditional craftsmanship.

Certification according to DIN ISO 9001.
The certification according to DIN ISO 9001 ensures that customer satisfaction is improved sustainable and permanently as well as the quality of the processes and products is continuously secured and optimized.

Exclusive chains, innovative designs.

The in-house design and development team can also realise the most demanding customer requests. In addition to CAD systems and the traditional production of prototypes in the pattern shop, 3D printers and plotters are increasingly being used to complement the design and technical implementation by the designers and engineers in synergy.

A wide variety in top quality.

More than 600 automatic wire and sheet chain machines are used to manufacture innumerous chain patterns of the BASIC line. 

A high quality finish you can feel.

The PRESTIGE line is crafted traditionally by hand - the finest materials are finished in a high quality. 

Technology for every demand.

The avid exchange in the professional network of specialised suppliers, as well as the close co-operation with science and research ensure the company’s leading expertise in the technological field. 

A responsible approach to the future.

Beeing a certified member of the Responsilbe Jewellery Council (RJC) Schofer commits to its stakeholders to manage the company responsibly and to adhering high moral and ethical values. This also includes a socially orientated and environmentally friendly approach as well as upholding all these values along the entire supply chain.

Schofer - a reliable partner for customers with discerning tastes.

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