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Friday, 22 February 2019


"Being a certified member we commit to our stakeholders to manage the company responsibly and to adhering high moral and ethical values. This also includes a socially orientated and environmentally friendly approach as well as upholding all these values along the entire supply chain", says Mathias Kohlhammer Managing Director and Shareholder of Schofer Germany. 



Investing in the future: Again heavy investments were made in 2018 - also to promote sustainability: In addition to energy saving machines such as a state of the art dual belt soldering furnace, new ventilation systems were fitted in the entire building with heat recovery. Water dispensers with filters supply all employees free of charge with oxygen enriched cold water.

Innovation for he future: Automation, precision, quality and new manufacturing processes are key elements of the Schofer innovation programme - investing in the future! The new chain cutting machine works very accurately and enables a rational production. A completely new generation of chain making machines enables many new chain models to be created.

Constant improvement: In 2017, we extensively updated the entire production facility. A modern working environment enhances the quality of the product - so, we also installed LED lighting in the entire production area, supplying daylight quality lighting for all workstation and cutting power costs nearly in half.

A new circulation cooling system is already being used:
thanks to this investment, the environment is protected as hardly any fresh water is required to cool the welding and annealing ovens. Thanks to the equal cooling of the ovens, constant temperatures are ensured and the process safety is increased.

Quality with certification

In our customer area the RJC certificate is available for download.















Recycling certificate

for the completely recovery of metalliferous treatment residues

In our customer area the Recycling certificate is available for download.

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